Bluehost Review – Is Bluehost a Reliable Host?

Bluehost Hosting Review

Bluehost is among the earliest web host service suppliers began in 1996, and it is now the most significant brand name in regards to WordPress hosting. They’re a formal ’WordPress’ advocated hosting provider. Together with Bluehost, you don’t ever need to think about your site being slow when there is a great deal of traffic. They’re rated #1 in hosting for small companies. In addition to this, they are providing a Free Domain Name, Free SSL, and also a free Website Builder with military grade web security.

If you would like your site to run amazingly smooth, then the Pro package may be well worth checking out. Web Host review sites may give you the information that you want to earn a good choice. There’s not only 1 form of web hosting. Things don’t just magically show up on the world wide web. Should you do some research online about BlueHost, you will see those who will suggest the organization. However, you will likewise find customers who complain about their services.

How Good is Bluehost Hosting?

 Uptime of Bluehost: >99.99% (Superb)

Since their solutions underwent a significant overhaul, Bluehost has enhanced its own uptime so profoundly that it is damn near flawless (>99.99%). With just 5 exposures at the previous ten months, Bluehost’s phenomenal uptime is well over the industry standard of 99.94 percent and led to just staggering 9 minutes of regeneration from the 7296 hours which we logged within the span of our inspection.

Though their uptimes took a critical hit in August of 2017, Bluehost asserts that the issues were due to different DDoS attacks directed at their servers and the amounts were trending since. Generally, it is the best uptime we have seen over the past 10 months following tracking over 31 servers:

Bluehost Hosting Review - Is Bluehost a Reliable Host? 1


Page Loading Speed: 497 ms (Fast)

When we reviewed Bluehost last year  — we ought to say — somewhat less than satisfactory.

In October 2018, Bluehost’s response rates were significantly fast.

But since summertime 2017, Bluehost has enhanced their loading times from an average rate of 1,500 ms (earlier 2016 to mid-2017) to 497 ms … By almost 400%! Having an average load time of just 497 ms, Bluehost has managed to pull itself up by the bootstraps and climb through the rankings into the 3rd fastest internet host which we have ever reviewed. Surprised by this sudden and unexpected leap in their page loading times, I reached out to their group and asked how they were able to enhance their rates so radically. And the results are stable ever since then. Now at the end of the year let us return have they performed within the previous ten months.

Hosting Plans of Bluehost:

Bluehost provides some hosting plans for all sizes and budgets.

Let us take a peek at Bluehost hosting programs and their attributes.

Shared Hosting:

In a shared hosting environment, your site shares host resources with other sites. It permits you to use multiple cloud servers, enabling your site to automatically change to another server in the event of a hardware failure or higher traffic.


Dedicated Server Hosting:

A dedicated host to for your site means you’ll have all the tools of this server to your own. The drawback is you will need to handle the server all on your own. It’s worth noting, you could easily hire a server expert from a freelance jobs site to help you out.  ( Sign up here )

WordPress Hosting


These programs are rather costly in comparison to what some opponents offer (many hosts offer WordPress hosting programs at precisely the very same costs as basic shared hosting plans).
WordPress hosting on Bluehost is a significant deal, however, and among the organization’s most well-known services (with over 2 million websites hosted by the business ). You get one domain name free for first year and a single IP address. Also, you will receive unlimited monthly visits, 240 GB of disk space, 8 GB RAM and you could build up to 30 websites with the top-level enterprise plan. More features include improved cPanel, SiteLock CDN/WAF Pro, Favorable Wildcard SSL and SiteLock Enterprise for extra security.


All programs are backed by 24/7 service along with also a money-back guarantee. These programs also incorporate automatic plug-in upgrades and routine backups. All of these are amazing features, but you could be asking, “Why would I pay so much for WordPress hosting?” Bluehost plays an extremely active part in the WordPress community also has a core team of programmers. That usually means that Bluehost can provide first-class customer care and troubleshoot even complicated issues that are exceptional to WP. Only iPage can compete with Bluehost due to their lower price otherwise this isn’t to state Bluehost is the best or only option.

eCommerce Features on Bluehost:

It’s not hard to establish an eCommerce store with Bluehost, that provides a variety of shopping carts: Zen, Cube, Agora, along with OS Commerce. You receive SSL protection for your trades, a certificate created for free, and OpenPGP/GPG Encryption. Infinite bandwidth seems excellent but I am pretty sure they’d restrict your accounts depending on their fair usage policy if your site had consistent traffic. Bluehost must cover the bandwidth you’re using. This applies to all internet hosts. I advise you browse my article about bandwidth and disc space. The 200 in free advertising and marketing credits can also be a significant help if you’re a shop owner. All that was said, Bluehost isn’t especially famous because of eCommerce, and even a few websites make it simpler and quicker to establish a store. However, Bluehost is a cheap option, and you’ll receive access to a ton of great features that will assist you market online.

Bluehost Security Features

Web Security is the area where Bluehost make them the hosting industry best. You get protection to your inbox too; it’s not hard to set up filters. Your directories are password-protected.
Should you have to block access to your website, you have the choice to blacklist IP addresses. This permits you to access settings files separately and safely.
Bluehost also supplies single-click integration with CloudFlare, which provides more outstanding security features and speeds your website! CloudFlare is very significant for thwarting DDOS attacks.

Bluehost Refund Policy

Bluehost covers its own plans using a 30-day money-back guarantee. That means in case you cancel within the first 30 days, then you’ll find a full refund. If you decide to cancel then, you won’t receive a prorated refund for the duration of your hosting duration that you haven’t utilized. Domain fees aren’t refundable.

Pros and Cons of Bluehost

All web hosting companies have their pros and cons. Some you can live with, and a few you can’t ignore at all. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of Bluehost we heard.


To begin with, let us look at the benefits which make Bluehost the best option.

  • Strong Uptime: 99.99% strong uptime;
  • Loading Speed: Fifth (5th) fastest web host in the world;
  • Security: Bluehost has military grade security;
  • Reliability: Significant number of sites (over 2 million) with minimal downtime;
  • No hidden fees: There are no hidden fees when registering for your accounts.;
  • Free Domain Name: You receive a free domain name for 1 year after you sign up;
  • Free SSL: Free SSL certificate included in all plans.


Bluehost isn’t without some disadvantages that you need to know about before registering.

  • Greater Domain Renew Cost: Their free domain renew price higher than average after the first year;
  • Upselling Add-ons: They have a competitive upsell procedure during signup. However, you can readily uncheck all of the add-ons in case you do not need them;
  • Best Pricing: Bluehost offer reasonable pricing. But to get the best price you will require a more extended contract period (36-months period) which is a little bit frustrating.